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Singing Cedars is committed to making nature-based, Waldorf-inspired education accessible to families of all income ranges. The Affordable Tuition Program starts a conversation about what a family can afford to pay and works with the family’s circumstances and supporting documentation to determine a family’s total tuition commitment.

During this past school year, over 60% of our families received tuition assistance

that enabled their child to attend Singing Cedars!

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Payment Plans

All families are eligible to pay tuition in full or make monthly payments. The standard payment plan is a 10 month plan; other payment plans can be arranged during the Participation & Financial Commitment (PFC) meeting that is the final step to the enrollment process.


Sibling Discount

In recognition of the commitment to enroll more than one child in Singing Cedars in the same year, we offer a 5% sibling discount off tuition for each additional child concurrently enrolled. Discounts are applied to the younger students’ tuition. We encourage families with more than two children concurrently enrolled to apply for tuition adjustment.

Full Pay Discount

Families that pay their tuition in full on or before June 20, 2022 will receive $200/child off their total tuition commitment.

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